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Interview with T'M

 T'M is a French artist with an artistic background and a professional career in fashion.

Stylish and neat in appearance, T'M contrasts with the idea of a graffiti artist.
Let’s discover together this "this kid from the 80's"

Who is T'M?

I’m an artist and a lover.
To do only what I love to do is my motto … 

Lucky i am to love a lot of things (Laugh)

What is your relationship to art?

     Art has always had a prominent place in my life.

As a child, I was shy but very curious. I believe I have found in art and its practice a way to express myself more personally, a way to free myself from the limits imposed by verbal language.

     The practice of my art nourishes me, blossoms and accompanies me from as far as I can remember. My life can be made of concessions, but none on the practice of my art. The need is visceral, vital; He is "my unconditional lover";

     In love, it’s a threesome (Laugh)

What is your professional experience and artistic background?

     After training in Art-Design school (Lycée de la Communication – St Géraud), and a specialization in fashion design, (Atelier Chardon Savard), I worked for ten years for various designers and sewing houses (Gucci, Sonia Rykiel, Chloé, Karl Lagerfeld, etc.).

     Alternating between my time-consuming passion for painting and my professional career, practising my art has always been essential to my development.

I was able to use all these years to perfect my techniques and explore new trails.

     Attracted by undergrounds atmospheres, I spent a lot of time doing graffiti, on construction sites and in abandoned factories.

There, in rust and dirt, in the midst of the dripping of oils and paints, I found a new material which I expressed in the form of abstract and materialistic canvases.

     Driven by my friend, and jewelry designer (Agathe - Opale Jewelry) to exploit my graphic qualities, I started on my first figurative canvases: a series of oils with knives on the theme of super-hero; Revelation and starting point of my current work.

     Since 2016, I have opened my studio, T'M studio ; than i dedicate entirely to my art & creations

Could you tell us more about your name, T'M?

“T’M” is pronounced “T’aime” ( french wordplay : « tu aimes » as you like )

and this name refers to my initials (Thibault Martin) and the fact that I like to explore different themes.

Your sources of inspiration?

     As any "Kid from the 80's" I have been rocked in PoP Culture and that of the consumer society: Comics, TV, Cinema, Music, Web, Social Networks….
All these media are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

What is the main topic in your works?

I mainly paint the fictional characters that marked my childhood, superheroes, comics, cartoons...

I like to portray them in the form of a portrait on a united background, in order to reveal their iconic value.

But I admit that my next projects are exploring new paths...

Which contents do you explore?

    • The iconic value of 80’s fictional characters and their influences on our society.
    • The paradox between a society who preach  the «back to nature values» and the same society in needs to consume.

Could you explain us your creation process?

It starts out as something very instinctive, even compulsive.

     In a natural way, my imagination constantly creates visual metaphors of my environment: image, sound, fragrance, texture, memory (…), everything transforms and mutates towards something different, but always visual.

     Sometimes some of these mutations become a persistent idea that needs to be exhorted in the form of drawing and painting.

     This period of drawing and painting is a key moment in my creative process: it is a period of research and exploration ,  “everything is possible”, and  any “accident” any “unexpected” is welcome as an opportunity…

Wich technique you'll be employing?

    • Drawing: although I work more and more my stencils informatically, I have a particular affinity for drawing, and I always start by drawing my stencils traditionally.
    • Stencils: a work of patience and precision, but also of projection: I create for each color, and every shadow and light of a subject, an individual stencil, followed by a long cutting work.
    • Graffiti (spray paint): I love the infinite possibility of effects that this technique offers.

But my techniques change and evolve as my projects…

How did you get interested in Graffiti art?

     Son of entrepreneurs in Metallurgy, I grew up and evolved in the world of building.
The yards and grounds under construction were my playground, and the Graffiti was the non-attendu guest, the PoP color note in a world of concrete and steel.
     Playing on the sensitive ropes of an environment and sensations that echo my childhood, the practice of Graff has always had an emotional resonance in me.
     It’s kind of like my "Proust madeleine"; when i'm doing graffiti, i'm feeling at home


What do you do with your free time?

I enjoy travelling, listening to music, watching movies, series, animated, and cooking…
     My soul,  must be nourished and inspired by good things literally and figuratively, and its appetite is ...huge ... (Laugh)

Could you name us 3 art work who had an impact on your art?

    • A comic book: « Plus ne m’est rien » first part of  "la guerre des Sambre" by Yslaire 
    • Chopin’s Waterloo by Arman
    • L'œuvre ANT 76, Grande anthropophagie bleue, by Yves Klein

What can we wish for your future?

     I want to give it my art,  to keep sharing it; to keep doing what i love...

To go down a spray-paint can in my hand (Laugh)



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